Favorite Sites/Resources

Building Big      SPANGLER                            exploatorium    Design Squad




Make Me Genius                                    


NOAA     Woods Hole Oceanographic

What’s the Weather                                   Earth, Sun & Moon                                     Rocks & Soil

Air & Weather                                                NASA Kids’ Club                                          Interactives: Rock Cycle

Edheads; Weather                                        Daytime Shadows                                      Dynamic Earth

  The Earth                                                        Day and Night                                      Lunar Cycle Challenge 

Phases of the Moon



Change It                              Light & Dark                       Pushes & Pulls

Solids & Liquids               Light & Shadows                Friction

Gases Around Us               Sound & Hearing              Forces & Movement

Changing State                   Changing Sounds              Forces in Action

Electric Circuits

Using Electricity

Circuits and Conductors

Magnets & Springs

Reversible and Irreversible Changes


Frog Life Cycle                     Growing Plants

Butterfly Life Cycle           Helping Plants Grow

Animal Classification


Plants & Animals in the Local Environment


Interdependence & Adaptaion

Environmental Science

Energy and the Environment

Kids and Energy

The Habitable Planet

Match the Resources

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Building Big: All About Bridges

Sorting & Using Materials

Changing & Grouping Materials

Characteristics of Materials

Edheads Simple Machines

Edheads Compound Machines

Science Fair Resources

Science Kids

Science Fair Central

Science Buddies

Steve Spangler Science

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