Speedy gets a Shot

Yesterday Speedy began his/her round of antibiotic injections in an attempt to rid the hatchling of any infection he/she might have that may be preventing him/her from growing at the same rate as the other turtles in the head-starting program. Speedy is one of several hatchlings (from the same mother) that have not been showing a lot of interest in eating and therefore are either growing very slowly or in some cases beginning to lose weight.
Dr. Windmiller has talked with several veterinarian colleagues and agreed to try an antibiotic treatment that has appeared to work with other turtles that have the same condition. Mrs. Levin (Alcott) will administer a total of 6 shots (1 shot every 3 days) in hopes of getting rid of any infection the hatchling might have. Mr. Smith from Willard school administered the same treatment for one of his very small hatchlings and has reported that the hatchling is now eating more and appearing to gain weight!

Head-staring Blanding’s Turtles Project