“When we try to pick out one thing by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” JohnMuir

166022_3564520307781_339328806_n  Photo May 25, 8 20 51 PM  DSCN3734_ok (1)  Espiritu-Santo-SeaLions-20120522-IMG_1653  I love to scuba dive!

I am Mrs. Kablik, the Elementary Science Specialist for Concord Public Schools. If you attend or attended CPS over the past eight years you have seen me around! I am the teacher that works along side the other K-5 teachers to deliver the science program. I will be posting information regarding several citizen science projects that the different grades are participating in as well as links that lead  to resources pertaining to citizen science and the elementary science curriculum.

Citizen Science Highlights

National Geographic defines Citizen Science as the practice of public participation (young and old) and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge.  Trained volunteers share and contribute to data monitoring and collection programs and work with scientific researchers to answer real-world questions. National Geographic Educationhttp://education.nationalgeographic.com

This year marks the fifth year that CPS’s 4th grade students will be participating in our local Headstarting Blanding’s Turtles Project. Third grade students in Mrs. Gallagher’s class will be piloting Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Birslueths project. Other projects include World Water Monitoring Day, Bucket Buddies (grade 5), and Project Budburst (grade 2). Keep checking the Citizen Science page to find out how each project is progressing.

Not only do I support teachers and students participating in citizen science projects, I too am a life long student and try to participate in a few citizen science projects as well. In May of 2012 I had an adventure of a lifetime and was able to participate in whale shark research in the Sea of Cortez!I have always loved the ocean and studied marine science as an undergraduate and graduate student. I became very interested in research as well as educating others about our water planet. As a marine educator I had opportunities to work at aquariums and various research facilities on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. I was afforded amazing opportunities to sit down with some of the world’s top scientists in the field. I worked with Dr. Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, in order to develop teacher workshops for his JASON program. I also co-taught a children’s workshop with the Shark Lady, Dr. Eugenie Clark. So when I heard about an opportunity for teachers to participate in real field research of their choice I decided to investigate this further. Who knew that I too would be traveling to far off places and having the adventure of a lifetime! I also did not realize how much my love of adventure would be rekindled so you might want to check back often to see what other far off places I have visited or will be visiting. Find out more about my adventure in the Sea of Cortez by clicking the following link:

Searching for Whale Sharks 

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or contact me at dkablik@colonial.net.


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